advice ne1?

hey. ok im so mad right now but also i want to cry. this really loser girl used to be my ‘friend’ basically we just hung out b/c there was nothin else to do. newayz shes a redneck and so are her friends. they were sayin marilyns dead (i like marilyn monroe and they think it hurts me) again and makin fun of me and my friends. there more ‘mainstream’ (aka friends w/ every1) than we are.

she asked a dude what that paper said and he said marilyns dead. ugh! i said ‘ouch ouch ne1 have a bandaid? ok maybe later.’ everyone was starin at me. newayz it was funny but of course since they couldnt think of a comeback they said ouch when i got up and busted out laughing. the honest reason these people dont like me is b/c my friends and i arent preps and dont dress normal. and we have a sense of humor which makes them call us immature all the time. i realize i shouldnt let such bother me but it does. im like the only ‘freak’ here here and its not just them that says stuff. practically every guy in the school besides 4 do also. why do they gotta make fun of some1 whos dead or call lme a freak cuz i wear black? newayz do you guys know somethin i could say to make them stop. ive been saying nothing and they just keep on doing it. i put a poster on my locker that said ‘golly mommy please make the ugly kids quit sayin marilyns dead. ouch ouch. i care SO much what they think. love heather’ but theyll rip it down b4 lunch. i really wish they would just leave me alone apparently they have no life. im never good at thinkin of things to say. yesterday i called this kid on my bus a dumbasss b/c he kept chanting marilyns dead and such. he said ha ha at least i know whos dead and alive. its so stupid and immature but it truly does bother me. thanks for listening 🙂

By tornfrippie

hi. my name is heather and i don't know what to write here. i hate living in wv, b/c most people are boring rednecks who are extremely predjudice and judgemental. i awnt to be an actress and try to break as many stereotypes as possible. people at my school think im a witch b/c i sometimes wear black lipstick. vaguely amusing.


  1. yeah kids are lyke tha at my school a girl started sayn all this shyt to me bou how i look and who i lyke or hang with and shyt and she backed off after that day for 2 reasons 1) She knows I can kick her ass lol 2) I straight up told her to face “okay look you apparently have no life so you get sum sick pleasure out of saying shyt to people that aren’t lyke you, damn u must not have a life if all you wake up to do every morning is to crack on me your trying to laugh at me cuz, no im not different, im unique and my own person, u just follow the fuckin crowd bc you b accepted as anything else and your too scared to be ur own person..” i dunt kno if tha will help u but i said tha to her and she hasnt said shyt to me since and yeah mayb it can give u sum ideas on wut to say…doubt i helped but i tryed

    – not different or an outkast, just being your own person and now following –

  2. Don*t joke them back, it will only make them joke you more. Just tell the “leader” off and everyone else will back off…it works. And why worry about all the other guys when you said that four of them arn*t like that? Just keep concentrated on those four and no-one else. Maybe you should go to Hottopic and but the shirt that says, “People laugh at me because I*m different but I laugh because they*re all the same” it suits you.

  3. Oh whatever, kids are cruel, it happens. You’ll never make them shut up if they’re really dedicated, but it won’t last forever it never does. You’ve got friends which is more than alot of people can say, so wait it out, it’s all you can do.

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