I remember how HEAVY METAL was something of a shock to me, back when I was a wee tyke. The idea that a cartoon could be for grown-ups, as the advertisements for the film that aired in TV were clear to point out, proved difficult for me to wrap my underdeveloped mind around. I didn’t get to see the movie, no, but I remember driving past the local theater and seeing it listed on the marquee. It was so taboo, beckoning, seductive and potentially corrupting. Taboo.

Disney had made some lousy films, trying to turn adult drama into kiddie fare. THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME? Really? But Victor Hugo’s novel could have been rendered correctly as an animated film, had they taken the gloves off and done it up right, as an R-rated cartoon.

I love the idea of an animated R-rated ALIENS series. (https://observer.com/2019/02/alien-isolation-series-disney-fox-sale-box-office/) Even if it is based on the video game universe and not the cinematic one. And even if it is a limited series of seven episodes. And even if it is only available on the ‘Net instead of on a cable network, as it should be.

But then I love the idea of a non-animated ALIENS television series, too.