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Music has been around for thousands of years. Music appeals to everyone. When was the last time you heard someone say, “I hate all music?” Lately though, music has been criticized for corrupting teens’ minds. Heavy metal is being blamed for giving teens only dark images and thoughts in their minds.

Although the media and public criticize rock music and blame the music for influencing teens negatively, they actually give many teenagers and an outlet from their ilfe problems. Parents love to blame rock bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit and Marilyn Manson for their child’s problems; it’s an excuse for bad parenting. Just because the music influences teens on what to wear does not mean that the will be violent. Large clothes and piercings are only ways to express one’s self, music gives teenagers a different way of thinking than “normal”; yet parents still believe it’s a bad influence, but they only say that b/c they cannot admit they have done a poor job at parenting. Rock lyrics tell about the soul. They are deeper than any other music genre, which is why the music is so widespread. It is the universal language and that is why all music is important to someone.

By masochisticangel

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  1. A long time ago in a land not far away there were women called gypsies who danced seductively to music being played, some called them evil, then there was mozart and beethoven who in some social circles were deemed crazy and if you listened to thier music you must be too, then elvis came around and he was evil not only for the music but his hip thrusts, then shortly after the beetles because of thier lyrics…so on, so on, so on……yep good ole music and dancing….lyrics and beats…..the ying and yang that makes the world still keep turning.

  2. If you think that music can give you images of suicide, death and rape. Your a fucking idiot!

    What would parentt’s prefer?
    Their kids listening to death music or actually killing someone?

    Parents are idiot’s!

  3. I feel music does have a influence on children and causes them to act differently but I also dont think its a very noticable change.

  4. I like your attitude to the whole situation that has been forced upon us for the past four years since nu-metal fallen giants Limp Bizkit had burst into the scene with take alook around…….this made alternative music acceptable and since manufactured pop had made our petty feeble minds rot we craved some thing new…..and so we got it since Limp Bizkit made us aware (for those who didnt have a clue that other music existed) I must say when Limp Bizkit made me aware of this scene (I had been aware of alternative music before Limp Bizkit its just I didnt really pay much attention before)
    I started to wonder what other music of this kind I could listen too and so when Limp Bizkit became “fasionable” I got peed off and wanted more.
    This is when my mother got worried coz I was listening to more heavier music or “moron music” as my mother would say, but then I said its what I enjoy and I like musicians not entertainers (i.e ppl who dont write/produce their own music)
    So she left me alone, but I wouldnt accuse her of bad parenting no one is perfect even though it does piss me off when she critisises Murderdolls I do try to see it from her point of view as she lived through that era of music and when it first came around… there you go.
    And as for heavy metal putting dark images into our minds BULLCRAP look at Metallica they are heavy metal but they dont moan about suicide and how they hate everyone…. I listen to “BAD” music and im fine………it all depends on ones mental state when they listen to this type of music.
    Looking forward to your comments
    P.S. sorry about rambling on about Limp Bizkit too much….yes yes I know its not healthy.

  5. Of course music can trigger a drastic action, but if a child or adolecent listens to heavier styled music or the sound of music soundtrack, it makes no difference. In some cases the postal worker before his rampage, would listen to prince, before letting loose. And if prince is evil, then george bush isn’t (not fuckin’ likely). I started listening to bloodduster and cephalic carnage in grade six, and now grade 12 and slipknot takes my fancy, yet did I ever use my home-made shotgun, or vast array of home made-pipe bombs at school…
    …no, I rest my case in the closed minded hands of the parents, one day, they’ll wake up.

  6. Bluebar85, whoa. I love your thing about the death music versus killing someone. I guess I have to use it sometime on my parents.

    I pretty much like anything hard, anything fast. I hate how people around here relate Slipknot to depression all the time. What if we just like it cause it’s fast? Sure, they’re lyrical geniuses, but

  7. …fast and hard is just my style.

    I guess so is hitting “Submit” before I’m ready to, heh.

  8. Slipknot are fucken cool for stacks of reasons, which work if your in heaps of diffent moods, but hard and fast they are too.
    ps: I’m such a maggot.

  9. …Of course. I was just listing the main reason I like them.

    Maggots forever. šŸ˜›

  10. There are reasons for kids writing the names of bands in their suicide and murder notes. Judas Priest and Marilyn Manson were mentioned in the suiside notes of two teen boys (i forget where) and there was this whole lawsuit against bands who put subliminal messages in their music. Bull-plop. Kids DO kill themselves over lyrics. But that’s not the musics fault. The kids are easily influenced, weak minded, and utterly STUPID. Music should not be the definite Cause of feelings, they should enhance what you already feel. Who wouldn’t think someones lame if they were listening to something and out of nowhere say “This song made me deopressed”. It’s crap. Those feelings are most likely already there. I can’t say much about Limp Bizkit…I don’t find their music appealing…
    …Yes parents are dumb, but it’s because they’re ignorant and protective. What parent isn’t gonna fear for their child’s wellbeing after finding a picture of a bleeding wrist on the cover of a CD by Suicidal Tendencies. Some music is suggestive. That’s all the parents see. They think their kids are gonna kill themselves after they hear some growly voices yelling out violent scenarios. The first comment made perfect sense. Good one feelsallalone.

    I met JOEY…………………he was nice to say the least (he had a nice arse)
    Slipknot are not depressing they actually put me in a good mood…….on of the reasons why i like them is that after a hard day i can go home and have a good ol’ hard mosh in my room and relieve all that tension.

  12. Like a very wise person once said “making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel.”
    Nobody is going psychotic from listening to music unless they already had their deep rooted problems.

    But do NOT bitch on parents about this.

    The thing is, imagine how many parents lose their children to suicide and peer homicide every single day.
    Now half the time it isn’t the parents’ fault – alot of teenagers suffer severe depression, and there are maniacs in every generation – so they look around for something to blame for taking their baby son/daughter away from them. And they see violent lyrics, blah de blah, and they latch on because they need to feel like they’re doing something. Like they have something real and visible that they can fight against.

    See it from their point of view, there’s kids gettin slaughtered by hyped up teenagers, and parents are only human so they get shit scared. You can’t blame parents for that. It’s not stupid it’s human.

    In the end, you know you ain’t going psychotic. So if you got this problem for fucks sake be MATURE about it. Coz in the end that’s the only way you get heard. In general, the louder you yell, the less people listen.

    ::blacklight:: <<< please don’t call me blackie again coz then i sound like a goddamn dog šŸ™‚

    P.S. Yes I have a gun, yes I’m a prize fighter, yes I get depressed every once in a while, but No I don’t listen to ‘BAD’ music. Guess I’m just the freak of the bunch.

  13. music in my opinion is the best thing that’s happened to me…. I probably would be dead if it werent there. Fuck people that say that music makes people go crazy. sure, there are lyrics that suggest shit, but if ur smart.. or even if ur not, you wont go kill someone cuz of it.

    Music is an amazing way of just venting anger and other feelings for me. blacklight.. u got an amazing point… the more u yell the less people listen.

    Slipknot is wicked… but I know better bands… I STILL LOVE THE KNOT.

    Society dictates EVERYTHING..l “this is bad.. and this is good”… what bullshit! I think that if u can find something to do that will keep you from doing stupid shit, do it!

    Parents.. they do what they need to do… and more… they have to stop doing too much more. Overprotected kids wont get anywhere in life after their parents are dead and gone. U cant blame parents… they actually care for their children( most of the time) At least I know mine do… and they can be stupid sometimes.. but if I can do enough to just get them to fuck off and get me some PRIVACY! then I’ll be fine

  14. Music is what keeps me alive. I have music for every mood and every state of mind. Its fucking brilliant.
    I even have a tattoo which related to a song that helped me through a tough situation “The Grudge” by Tool.
    Noone can say that The Grudge is a bad song, it has a really good meaning and point to it.
    And I agree that music doesnt make a person feel a certain way, it just heightens that emotion.
    And as for the parents, they think any “negativity” in a teenagers life is bad for them, they dont listen to the words. And if a teenager commits suicide they need someone to blame, something to make them feel like theyd avenged their childs death, so to speak.

    Give away the Stone.

  15. I’m only bitching at the parents that are clueless enough to immediately point the blame at the music their kids listen to (sometimes without even hearing the whole song first).

    Namely, my parents.

  16. Hey Blacklight, is it just in my head or was it the very wise Lisa Simpson who said “making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel”? Ah well if it isn’t…..
    Shit, I need to get out more……

  17. Wasn’t it Bart? i thought it was Bart.
    No … I’m sure it was Bart.
    Anyway like I said … Matt Groening … smart guy. Comendations from the Archbishop of Canterbury and everything.
    Much love, don’t get out more.
    And remember people, the answers aren’t in the bottom of a bottle, they’re on tv.

  18. illuminati ….. i never did everything my parents told me. In fact half the time I didn’t listen at all.
    But usually I was mature enough to know it’s not being clueless, it’s being scared. There’s a diff, and fear works in weird ways. Imagine how scared your folks are of losing you.

  19. My folks could give even less of a shit.

    They may be scared but if they truly cared anything worth a damn about me they’d start talking to me and/or asking questions. I’m slitting my wrists right in front of them and they don’t do anything.

  20. Then why are you doing it? Just to get their attention?

    Anyway you said they’ve blamed your music for your problems. That means they care enough to give it thought.
    Maybe there’s nothing they can do. People as a species are pretty helpless. I mean, if they told you to stop you wouldn’t. If they tried to help you’d resist it. There’s some shit you just have to wade through on your own.

    Anyway, I’m not fighting the case that all parents are good people. Anybody can have a kid, doesn’t mean they’re worthy parents or even good at being human beings.

    But my guess is your parents ARE good people. You may choose to ignore it sometimes, but they do care. You’ve proved that to me already.

    I wanna ask a question … Do you know what it’s like when there’s water slipping through your fingers, and you’re watching it go, and you don’t want to lose it … but you’re too scared to move incase it starts flowing more, or faster. That’s what my parents were like half the time (or my mom at least). Too scared to make a move incase she lost another little bit of me. In the end I just stopped pushing away. That was a pretty good day for me.

    Anyway, you should probably ignore my ramblings … I’m just sayin the next time you wanna slit ya wrists right in front of their nose, don’t. Ask them why they haven’t stopped you yet. Let them know you want them to. Cuz they can only go halfway, and maybe they’re waiting for you to make your move.
    Later, Dam.

    P.S. You people can call me Damian if you want. ‘Tis my name after all. ‘Sides blacklights so long to type.

  21. blackli…. Damian… that’s really good advice. I stopped pushing away from my parents a while ago… we started talking and now they help me when i need help… that’s just if they CAN help… parents usually care, that’s what I think. If you just want them to stop caring then you should think about what you’re doing. You dont have to be totally tight with your parents, and you dont have to do everything that they say. But all I think is required is getting along. I kinda get along with my parents.. and now they care.. enough. If your parents are overprotective…. just think that its only a certain amount of time until ur away from them. After you get away, your relationship gets a lot more different.

  22. Well, I’ll just see what they keep doing I guess.

    By the way, masochisticangel… I’m a girl. šŸ˜›

  23. why are there 3 same entries by me? what the fuck? crazy computer…my apologies guys

  24. happens to me all the time masochist. Like I don’t repeat myself enough already.
    illuminati i got exactly the opposite problem, everybody thinks i’m a girl. *sigh* I’M NOT THAT CAMP.
    i’m sure i had a point but i’ve forgotten what it was. Anyway erm …. i love when people agree with me. <g>

  25. lol yes yes ur all special, and wonderful people, shining through pervasive darkness.

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