all i have

i have fought the
war long enough
i cant go on
i feel as if

i need more
time to finish
wut i have started
now io must
die and not
knoing wut i
do turns out to
be something great
i dont get to see
wut happens to the
world when im gone
hell concumes my
deacayin body
to the firey
pits of hell
the lil minions
poke at my half
decayin body
tellin me to
move on i feel
like a slave in
this here place
im traped…
wit my final
breath i scream
as they braned me
wit evil now i
dont kno wut i am
now all i kno
that iz i work
for the devil
turned me aginst my
will now i am
and nothing
but evil…
the evil inside
slowly takes
ova my decayin
body now all i
kno iz evil
nufen but evil
evil iz my name
i have no other name
evil iz my name and my
one and only name…

By ghost ridder

lost n alone in this place taht they call reality her with my boyfriend he is all that matters to me