All is Gone

I screamed words of harshness at him, as he told me what he had done. He invaided my privacy for the last time. He had always beat me. It was very bad, he would leave black eyes and bloody ribs. He came to me as i quivered in my cornor.

He yelled curses at me and told me how much of a slut i was. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and puhed him up to my window cill(the window was open) He looked at me with a surprizing fear. I asked him why and he couldn’t tell me. But it was okay for now he was going to suffer the pain he caused me all those nights. I pushed him out the window, i listened to the body hit the hard concret below. I looked out and grined as i was proud of what i had done, and all was right in my head. He was dead he could cause no more pain. For this i am greatfull, i should have done it earlier.

By The Evil Cheezman

Purveyor of sacred truths and purloined letters; literary acrobat; spiritual godson of Edgar Allan Poe, P.T. Barnum, and Ed Wood; WAYNE MILLER is the head architect of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS, serving up the finest in entertainment and edification for the stage, the page, and the twain screens, silver and computer. He is the axe-murderer who once met Andy Griffith.