all that is left

I hear you through the paper walls
Beating her senseless, her cries on deaf ears
I sit and wait, my turn next
I pray for unconsciousness

You rampage down the hallway
Banging on the walls, like a thug goading for a fight
I wont fight you
And you know it
You open my door, and stick your head inside
“How bout some quality time with my son?”
Quality, that’s what you called it…

“Now son” you started “when you get older, you gotta get a woman, and you gotta let her know who is boss” you moved over onto the bed, putting your arm around me “when you get a woman in the sack son, you gotta please her, tease her and really make her scream” you paused, possibly thinking about how you made mom scream, by punching her in the face “you gotta know how to touch her”
You moved your arm, touching my back as you laid it to rest on the bed “do you know how to touch a woman?” I looked at you, pleading for you to stop “no, I didn’t think you would, you fuckin’ faggot” you grabbed my hair and pulled me backwards onto the bed, covering my mouth with your hand “we don’t want to wake your momma now, do we” “do you want to play a game with your old man son” your hand moved down to your belt, you fumbled with the buckle, pulled the belt through the loops and folded it, bringing it down on my chest, whipping me as you undid your flies

“Take off your shirt, faggot” you barked, I paused and you whipped me once more “are you deaf faggot? I said take of your damn shirt” I pulled my t-shirt up over my head and as I did you threw yourself on me, groping me, thrusting your groin into mine. I felt you harden and swell “look what you made daddy do, you fuckin faggot” you yelled as you pulled the t-shirt from my face “you’ll have to fix that for me you fuckin queer” you threw me from the bed and held me to the ground as you pulled your *bits* out, pushing them towards my face “make daddy’s anger go away” you pushed *it* towards my mouth, pushing *it* against my lips, trying to force me to part my lips “don’t play games with me you fuckin faggot” you brought the belt across my face, I felt the skin burn and redden, another unexplainable bruise for my friends to inquire about. I parted my lips and you entered me, violation revisited. Revulsion uncontrollable.

“Why didn’t you try to stop him?” the counsellors asked, and maybe you ask too. All I can say is try stopping the man who has just beaten your mother to unconsciousness. I tried to stop him, and that is why he broke my arm, nose ribs pelvis and wrist!

Now the world knows what you were “father”, know you are no longer an upstanding man in your big house with your trophy family, you are nothing, a dark cloud of nothingness and all that is left of you is me…


  1. I hope this isn’t true!!! I would so kill that bitch while he is sleeping.

  2. I mean…what you said Freak…I too hope this story wasnt true….though even if it didnt happen to Aric here….to someone else certainly….

  3. Omg, I am so sorry…..I never thought guys had to go through that too. I mean it is not very often you find a guy who has enough courage to tell anyone. I know how you feel…..and I am so sorry that it happened. I really think you are so brave, it takes a lot to go on.

  4. your courage is great
    you came up strong
    you turned your fate
    you no his wrong
    so live life free
    because the world wills see
    that he is shit , that he is grit
    and your above, and will find love
    ( a little poem to cheer you up hope it work and your not alone their is a new begining good luck my friend)

  5. that is a emotional story told in great manner.
    I sure as hell – hope if it has happened to you, or anyone else for that matter. That, that damn bastard rots in hell!!!

  6. That is very sad,and im very sorry its very my friend had this happen to him and i know its something hard 2 cope with and noone in this world deserves to be put through something like that.

  7. You’re right. That’s so Fuckin’ wrong. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  8. that guy dosen’t desurve to live if hes going to be some fin a**hole! he should go to hell!

  9. i agree. i think it’s great that you are able to put your emotions into words.

    best of luck to you.

  10. I know the tale. . . I have a good friend who has been through the same. His father does ‘rot in hell’ literally for his deeds, a twist of fate caught up with him, justice was served. . . yet he has still left many deep scares behind.

  11. I bet you dream about pulling out your bit (A 9 mil fucking piece) push it through his lips shoot your fucking load…
    …I mean lead, buit only so the exit wound is at his lower kidney or some thing, so you can continue your revenge trip. Then following that gunshot with a series of deep, wet, crunching impacts caused by a shopping trolley handle, untill his groin, knee caps, throat, and face is completely fucking pumelled and smashed to river washup. Unrecognizable. Not even visably a human carcass. Cuz if you don’t,
    I have already for you.

  12. god this really got to me, im so sorry for anyone who had to go through that.

    i cant relate specifically but i know what its like to hate a parent, my dad beat my mum and he was abused by my grandad who had a go with my mum and my sisters and i when we were really tiny

    i think maybe i now have some insight on why my dad had so much anger inside of him, no excuse for what he did but thankyou for being brave enough to share your story


  13. ha ha ofwicca i feel the same way i didnt think any human could do that shit its just discusting. i am also really glad u could share your feelings like that god dam i wish guys that lived around me could be like that and share what they feel. i hope that fu**er dies and burns!

  14. You said all that is left of him is you, but I’m sure you’re nothing like that, so even that doesn’t really count.

    He’s already dead isn’t he?

  15. AricNightDreame, this is really really well written. This has been proven by the amount of emotion you have stirred in people.
    I have two friends who were abused by family members, they are not relatives, it was two seperate cases, and it makes me sick inside that someone could do that to their own family.
    Your posting brought up alot of anger in me, for what these two girls had to go through, this is a really powerful piece of writing.

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