I lay here dreaming… awake…by the light that surrounds me
this blindness I can not see
I’m lost in myself
a mind can only take someone so far
This being I call by name… this vessel…It brings me shame
I look down upon who I am
I can’t see what others seem to know
By and by.. can anyone really let there true feelings show?
I lock myself in this place.. away from the eyes of those who look down on me
I think if I try to imgain myself gone maybe people will let things be
I lock myself away
”worthless” I breath upon my everlasting breath.
Not even those who are at rest can get away from themselves
These dreams we lock ourselves inside of
these relentless feelings of dispare…
Why dosen’t anybody care?
Why can’t I let you in…to take me away…to love me again
Why do I lock the door…seal it shut….would it be really all that much
I want to show you what I am… I want to be in your arms again
That warmth that surrounds you oh how i long…and wait…
Yet still……I have locked that gate.
I will keep you out…for eternity if I will..
Keep you at a distance..
fingers upon smooth glass wishing if was the figure of your face.
That smooth skin…if I only I could embrace.
I’ll keep you away from me…torcher myself…not letting myself live..
I’ll keep the feelings out and morn myself before I die
yet I tell myself.. ” Only god knows why”
Don’t you see .. I am alone… I am forgotten..
I’m gone.
I’m the person your mother tells you about
they say ” I just shut people out”
I tryed to love to be loved in return
I gave the world and I got nothing but a burn..
I gave…the ones I adored…
I let them come in…..they gave there word..
The past is now present and the future…it’s gone..
and yet I am here…. I have got to move on…
someday I’ll get out of this place…move forward from my mind…
Excape the lonlyness that has always lived inside..
I sit here .. in this corner… with tears stained upon my face..
but someday…I live a real life…
I just could be today.

by Melody Cloud 2002
Thanks for readin.. I hope you enjoyed my poetry.. I have more if your interested.. I’ll try and post.. thanks..

By MelodyCloud

16/f/mn Huge Anime Fan InuYasha for Life. Life is all music..