Alone Again

In all the time youve been known to fly you told me you loved me but you always lied.

Sticking the needles into your sweaty palms not knowing why or when you would stop you would cry because you knew that you could do nothing that would keep you close to me….so you fell away and grew closer and ripped yourslef away.

Crashed in my arms and you cried your first time there.

Cause you knew that there was no hope for what we had…but you let it grow like the weeds on the line that corrodes away at your veins.

Thats when you bled and i held your hand.

Cause i cried when you fell and i took the knife and slit my throat spilling all that i held inside.

Forever on your consience haunting you down the road, cold dark and lonely, sitting in hatred….i waited for you.

So never let go.

Cause ill cry…and never come back to the hideous sanity that lies within.

By MasochisticSweetness

Fuck off and die.