Alone in love (Poem)

I don’t know what hurts more
Being alone without love
Or in love an alone
I keep thinking about her, about us
Why she keeps saying she’ll call
But never actually does
She sends email, IM’s saying she loves me
Saying she misses me
I’m not so sure anymore
I wonder if she still wants to marry me
If she ever actuall did
It seems that the more my life comes together
the more it falls apart
Maybe it’s just me
The more we’re apart, the longer we go without talking
The more I ask myself if I care anymore
I know that I do
More than ever
I’d rather die than lose her
But I won’t if I do
Why can’t she just love me
How come I’m never enough
I’m tired of being in love and alone
I’d rather be alone without love



By Vywien

I lived a lie and didn't even know it. I don't know which aspects of my life were true or not. I refuse to find out. I have but 4 loves. Meriah (even though we're not together anymore) writing, Fred(my acoustic guitar) and my electric guitar...a b.c. Rich Acrylic MOcking bird, green.