Alone (You should all read this)

Last night a war broke out between us and the ned scum. I had to stand and watch sometimes pull a couple off as my friends, my best friends all got fucking kicked in by these assholes all over something is fucking pointless as a spilled drink. They fought, we struck back but to no avail there is and will aways be more of them than there will of us.

They despise us because we are sentient and have a brain of our own we dont need to blindly follow each other. But what have we ever done to them?NOTHING, absolutely fucking nothing. I was so raging last nite i was nearly sick and one of my friends had to calm me down before i did something stupid. My girlfriend cried because those sons of bitches hurt one of her friends and she wasn’t there. They think their so hard, that they can take any one on, but ill tell you something……ive take those mother fuckers on when they are alon and when i am alone and every single time they have either backed down or ive kicked the shit out of them, they are only “hard” when they have some fuckin crew behind them! they cant fight us themselves. Even some of them backed down if their friends went to start shit on another person and they were left with us, we didnt let them leave in the condition they arrived in if that happened. My best friend was lying on the floor with a bleeding nose a bust lip and a fucked eye, he was don on the ground and still another ned started hittin him, so my othr friend pulled him off and she got bust up.SHE GOT HIT FOR TRYIN TO SAVE HER FRIEND FROM SERIOUS INJURY!WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?! Im sick and tired of having to hide in the fucking shadows and put my tail between my legs when they show up but no longer…….my time will come and i will rise again and strike back we all should, until then………….

By downwardspiral

Birth,life....awaiting death