Already Dead


Choke on your shallow pride
drown in your deep conceit
cry lonely tears
grow on your misery

why try so hard to make a difference
when in the end, we’ll all be dead
the reason why, we try and try
is because we can’t give up five minutes before the miracle

what if in five minutes you get hit by a car
run over by a stampede, or die of a diesease?

Work until the last second, no reason to have fun.
all your friends are gone. family disowned.
you tried too hard to be perfect,
didn’t take enough time out to love… to be loved.

Now you’re caught in a superficial shallow world, where only the perfect exsist.
you think you are there, but you are transparent
No one is perfect, not even you, nut you keep on trying until you grow weak.
at some point you faint, and while the tears aren’t dripping out your eyes,
you realize, and whisper “I’m already dead”.