an angel for the shadow children(to tearlach)

how tolead you beyond,
when the roadhas barely begun.
how to take you by the hand,give you wings,
tell you:”look at what you´ve never seen before,

look at the beginning of looking.”
what chariot of fire would come to take you
like the prophet,
from what carrousel in the fairs of the afterworld.
mortal among mortal things,
the light wich nourishes me is nothing to you.
amusement park, empty lot,
a laurel tree to childhood.
the world uplifting words
is nothing to you.
“there is a child asleep on the wall of the air,
a stowaway fallen from my wings.”
but I speak, I invent,liar angel,
on the notebook from school.You come
from your death toward a hand that is not mine.
And I,among whirlwinds,can only escape:
let your failed guardina
turn toward the useless light.

By haka

im a mexican girl and i wanna become a writer or a musician i dont know i just wanna let clear that mexicans are something more that the fuckin selena's thing that bitch ruin us all! i love roman dirge jhonen vasquez and hr giger also i love radiohead,tool,a perfect circle,tori amos and all that shit . i hope you like my writting and let me post more and more i just wanna see my work in another place that my notebooks so...please say something about my work!!