I’m still watching you

little did you know that I would find

something new in something so divese

The walls are rose tinted and luminous

my eyes flutter and retract for a moment

to ease the blinding fear

that I was the only one to notice

that perfection has a purpose

your mind so young,

yet evolved with the best of elders and saints

The brush of my hand on your face

fed me visions of a world beyond my own

where glass angels feed on their own pride

and survive with their own power and grace

This was a beautiful place

I can only hope, maybe even beg to see again.

for now as it rests, I lay dormant

In the cold machine of self destruction

this vacation from it has been of the utmost greatness

and truely rewarding

and as I watch the orphan children walk on flames

I hear the madness coming closer, and await as any gentile would,

and awaken to the blunt reality

that freedom comes with declaration.