As I lay in my bed
I think about everything ahead
will my life still be the same?
If it is should I be the blame?

Will my life just continue to go downhill from here?
So many more questions form from this tear.
I dont want my life to continue like this.
I want it to be a heavenly bliss.
Can I change be for it happens?
Im to late, it already has.
My life is still dark and gloomy,
everything bad happens to me!
I lose all my loved one who actually cared,
they have helped me through all I have bared.
The only one who I had left
is mad at me because I tried to commit my own death.
I want to tell her that I’m sorry
& hope she’ll forgive
because if she dont, I wont want to live!
But for now, I have to say goodbye
and I really hope to see her again befor I die
so I can thank her for all she has done
like convincing me to take the bullets out of that gun
your my angel from above
that has filled me with so much love
but i cant say it shows
because my fucking life BLOWS