Angel Of Death

A memory is all she has left of he
She loved him so much thats plain to see
But then came that dreadfull day
When she knew that he must have to pay

She caught him with another girl
Another whore who was white as pearl
She felt the anger build inside
For now she knew that he had lied
He told her she was the only girl for him
Whatever happened to that slut named Kim
She looked deep down to his heart
He had felt nothing from the start
She cried her tears of black and red
She wouldnt stop untill he lay dead
The moon was full in the starry skies
The beautifull night when one soul dies
She stood before him and spread her wings
An angel of death who held sacred things
He tried forever to apologize
She knew that all he told was lies
He pryed that is was just a dream
As she let out a frightfull scream
But as he slowly turned to stone
He knew that he would forever be alone.