Angel of Sin

Darkness boils in her blood
Hate rages beneath her veins
Her past is nailed to her spine
With hate and rage brings unforgotten memories of
Being whipped and tormented by unforgiving eyes
She’s forever telling lies and endless goodbyes

Chained down by feelings of affection and abhorrence
Cut loose from reality
She’s tailgated by by the outcome of her destiny
And the strange voices of paranoia that
Plunder at her mind,
Obliterating her own thoughts

Forsaken by loved ones and
Slapped by the wrath of God
This hell storm proceeds

Dwelling in the shadows of
Lifeless screams without sound
She’s lost in nothingness
Never to be found
She cries; single tear dripping down

Child of Lucifer,
Oh possessed one,
Your time is done
Spread your wings and fly away
Take this knife, shed your skin
Angel of sin


By Nick (Shadow of Screams)

i hate this fucking world. is this hell? im stuck here between love and lust. why am i here ? trapped in reality. lost in fantasy. blinded by the unseen truth. I'm fighting myself in a battle of trust. and there are too many voices in my head.