Angelo Caduto e Strappato

Lost religon, forgotten name, unforgiven sins
Raptured into the life of lightness now torn
An everlasting dark now hers
Angelic dress sullied and mutilated
The wings lacerated through the soul and taken away

Unforgiven sins of her kind
Sins of her very being
The very essence of flesh and blood
Sins that cannot nor will be repaid
Until she is gone
They are the reason for the everlasting hell
The fallen and torn angel now unholy and unpure

The imminent light of Death on the brink of unadulterated sin
Deficiencies only allowed into the very depths of hell
As Death ripped her wings he tore another part of her whole being
The part of her innocence lost years.

Damned among the people and the souls
The gloriest angel now damned among the lost and tortued
A gloriest angel one of the damned herself
Her wings placed on the very gates of hell by Death.

Her golden hair dipped into the river of lost and forgotten souls
Now ebony and destructed of the bodies whom clinched and tangled to her
The bodies trying to find an escape
Warning her of what was to become of her.

Fallen and torn the unholy angel began to pray
Testing the powers of her almighty god
Trying to see if she her unforgiven sins could be forgotten
She prayed to Mary and the Holy Ghost
She tried to save herself but failed

Death’s inanimated grip grabbed her
Starting at her soul
Slowly snaring throughout her body
Gripping at memories, going through the troubled years
Eager to ruin the life in his hands

Slowly dying the soul began mourn
Mourning for the lost of a life
Grieving for the angel
Distress going never-ending
Nothing like the circle of life
The angelo caduto e strappato
The fallen and torn angel.

The unholy and unpure angel
Wingless and flightless
Touched and ruined
Death’s clinched within her heart now

Leaning up trying to stand
The darkness, the pain, the unknown light
When the angel finally figured out her punishment it was to late
Her tortue isn’t the end.

The price of her people
The damned and trapped
Her, the fallen and torn angel, must die
For the damned to be free

Just as the realization was made
The crimson rivers begins to flow
Death under his goal has her heart
With the droplets rippling down his knuckles

the heart dropped into the River of Souls as the angel
Falling to her knees whisphers her name
angelo caduto e strappato
Fallen and torn angel

Lost religon, forgotten name, unforgiven sins
Raptured into the life of lightness now torn
An everlasting dark now hers
Angelic dress sullied and mutilated
She lays on the ground finally gone

By FallnAngel

I'm a writer. I wrote poetry and journalism. I found this place through a friend she was telling me how her brother writes here and I decided to check it out. I noticed how alot of my poerty would fit and decided to place it on here. So that brings me to where I am now. If you want to you can check out my site...Its not the best but it is coming along. I prolly look "preppy" but that is just a label which I don't believe in I just see people as people not things to judge. I feel everyone is who they are they just don't always know who they are, if that makes since. I hope you all enjoy my writing and try and see the underlying meanings in it. -Kim Mortal lovers must not try to remain at the first step; for lasting passion is the dream of a harlot and from it we wake in despair. C. S. Lewis (1898 - 1963), 'The Pilgrim's Regress'