Angels Can’t Make It In Our World

An angel wrapped in chains.
Bogged down by human pains.
She can’t bear your cries.
She Struggles to believe in God.
To believe in the goodness of all mankind.

Her wings have gone.
Fallen from her body.
She has no reason to believe.
No one loves her.
This tender child.
Another of his angel’s lost.
This world is too much to them.

She sobs at the indecency of man.
She is tortured, raped, beaten, and broken.
How do the children survive in this horrible world?
She knows she won’t be with God.
She’s not sure she wants to.
She takes the dagger and plunges it deep into her chest.
And begs someone to take mercy on her.

He shouldn’t send them down here.
His angels just can’t last.
They’re just like the children.
He should let us be shown.
He says he cares so much,
Then kills his own.