Annomity Part 1

He woke up that morning, feeling nothing but solemnest, as if his own heart has gone numb. He felt that he has lost any capability of feeling anything but sadness and extreme amount of sadness. His life has no meaning, no fuel to burn his desires. In other words he felt flat.

He went about his usual routine or at least tried to. She used to say that time is the greatest medicine it will heal all wounds, if any. He laughed a bit, thinking of the irony that precise moment. Now that same time is the cause of all his heartache’s and pain. He thought of calling in sick. He let the thought linger for a moment while he brushed his teeth, but changed his mind soon after. At least if he was working he could take his mind off this matter for a while.

The phone rang and he ignored it as usual. It has been ringing without anyone to pick it up for the past week. He figured that since she was not there to speak to him he might as well not speak to anyone. And why should he. She was the only one in his life who actually enjoyed and cherished his every word, be it when he was angry, happy, sad or depressed. She didn’t care if he had money or not. She was the only one who truly ever cared regardless how much he made or had. Everyone else, well they could only see the swelling of his obese wallet. The phone had stopped ringing, he checked the caller id: Miss Calls: Albert: Michele: John: Michele: Michele: Anita: Michele: Desmond: Michele: Michele: He threw the phone on the sofa and changed his clothes. As he walked from his room to the dining hall, he realized how lifeless and pale the house looked. He tried to fix himself break feast although, in the norm of his life he only has a glass of milk in the morning. He wanted to emulate her, how regardless whether he took his break feast or not the was always something there waiting for him. He wanted to cry so badly, but he can’t. He doesn’t know why. And he hates it. “ AHHHHH! FUCK THIS!” He stormed out of the house grabbing his car keys and closing the doors.

It was almost 9 am and he still is not even halfway to the office. He was driving way too slow. Even on his worst days he never went below the 130-km/h mark. But today he was doing 70 and 80 and 60 at times on the highway! He just has no more zest for life as he did even about till a week ago. He reached the office bout an hour late. He walked almost lifelessly to his room. Just as he was about to sit in his chair Therese his secretary walked in. “Mr. Lance, the board meeting for the D&C project is scheduled at noon today sir. Would you like me to prepare and particular files sir?” Therese was a reliable person, he thought to himself. Now how does someone as good and as kind as Therese is still all-alone? “No, Therese I don’t think I will be attending the meeting, I am a bit under the weather today. Send in a rep, asks Wayne to fill in for me. Ask him to see me before he leaves.” “Sir, is everything ok sir? Do you need me to call in the doctor for you sir?” “Yes Therese I am fine, just a bit unnerved I guess. Ok you can go now”. Therese just shrugged and turned to leave. Then she stopped and turned back.” Oh Mr. Lance by the way Miss Michele called in about 5 times. She said it was really urgent and she wants you to call her back” “Ok Therese. And as for the rest of the day just hold all my calls, ok unless it’s from my family…Wait on second thought just hold all calls and cancel all my appointments for the day. Just send in reps for the really important ones.”
Therese nodded and left the room.

Lance looked around his office and saw a picture of her. He felt and immediate surge of sadness overfill him in an instant. He felt like he was being submerged into the sea. And just then his cell phone rang. He checked the id: Michele Calling: He finally answered after it kept ringing. “ Lance. Are you all right? Lance. Lance? Lance talk to me please!” He cut the line. Damn it Michele. Why won’t you let me be! Go away I don’t need you. Not now not ever. You denied me when I needed you and now I don’t need your sympathy. He got up and walked to the window of his office he could see the bustling city come to life. Life goes on. Well for everyone else it does, not for me thought Lance.

To be continued….


  1. Damn that was perty good email me when you make another to continue it

  2. me also please, i am slightly confused but that may just be cos i am me. i liked it tho, write more soon

  3. Thanks for the reply guy’s more on the way p/’s gonna be a short film as well…

  4. Yeah..i want 2 read more..i can’t wait..Hurry

  5. hej, ql story!….
    bum, what do you mean by its gonna be a short film aswell ?…d’you wanna make a film out of it??!! 🙂 That would be ql n fun – would it be for d/l or sth?

  6. Iloved it…got a bit confused with the past and present tenses in the begining but it was great…can’t wait to see more

  7. Yes i am gonna make a short film of it, as that’s my main profession i make films and stuff. But my passion is writing. And i’d definitely make it availbale for the members of this forum. Thanks for the support guys

  8. lol….if you live in nebraska and you need someone to be the main actor, just contact me…you could just film me from the start of my day…you basically described my typical day anyways…
    good stuff man.
    P.S. were you spying on me ;-D

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