Leatherface is one of the biggest icons in the Horror genre, and even outside of it. If the big three are Jason, Freddy, and Michael—and a good argument could be made for any of these guys representing the preeminent face of modern Horror—then Leatherface is right behind them at number four. He predates the others, and I found, as a child (who really was too young to be watching such fare), his movie to be the scariest. I am, of course, speaking of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW (nee CHAIN SAW) MASSACRE. Leatherface has appeared in a shit-ton of other movies, too, with the emphasis here on the word “shit.” Every single sequel to this classic that has been made has royally sucked. The inevitable and regrettable remake managed to be just “okay”; then they went and made a prequel to THAT one that sucked! The last Chainsaw movie, which promised to ignore all the flotsam and serve as a legitimate sequel to the original TCM ended up sucking harder than ANY of them. Now they are planning to scrap everything AGAIN and provide us with ANOTHER prequel, this time a prequel to the original!

Is it even possible at this point to make a good, or even a decent, Leatherface movie?