Another insight

Walking through amongst the graves the dead speak, the dead yearn. What are their secrets. Oh tell me ye rotten flesh . Oh tell me brittle bones, tell your story and move on, bother me no more. I am where you used to be. And it must be true, death is a greater release. Who among the dead can tell me life is better.

Pain lonliness, heartache, betrayal. What kind of life is that. What kind of fool wants that. Death is peace, serenity, total bliss…NO!! the dead cry! That is the misconception of the living. Tis lonely and tears the heart in two. Life, life is the true release. Life can find love and therefore prevent heartache and betrayal. The dead find no love, no bliss, no all ending eternal sleep. Ah if only this were so. How happy the dead would be. But here we are talking to you. GO!! live life, be human do not want to be us, forever walking the earth, no peace, no love, no happiness. Neer to see the sun rise, nor set. Eternal cold empty darkness and no relief GO!! and live and seek to be us no more!!

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By VampyreAliana

I am 5'2" 130 lbs long brown hair, dark brown eyes. Looking for some buds to talk to with my same interests....Which are Satanism and Vampirism heavy metal and death metal. I am looking for someone in which I can hold an intelligent conversation with.