ANOTHER Nightmare on Elm Street reboot?!

New Line Cinema will bring Freddy Krueger back in another ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ remake

You almost feel bad for New Line Cinema, which owes its very existence to Freddy Krueger—the original NIGHTMARE back in 1984 put the studio on the map. They recognize the sense in making further Nightmare pictures, as Krueger is still capable of raking in the bucks, yet they have no clue how to accomplish it. The FIRST remake, back in 2010, wasn’t BAD, but ultimately it was just a retread, and retreads don’t get much traction these days, if they ever did.

The fact is, whether New Line is savvy enough to realize it or not, there IS no Freddy without Robert Englund. Laurence Olivier could come back from the dead and take over the role and it wouldn’t work. Englund is Freddy. Period. What I’d recommend is something along the lines of what they (supposedly) have planned for the EVIL DEAD series. (BTW, THAT is how you do a remake, New Line.) The new iteration is going to interconnect with the “old” version in some future sequel, with Bruce Campbell’s Ash showing up in both. (Just a rumor at this point, but it’d be E-P-I-C, wouldn’t it?) However New Line tries to resurrect the Nightmare series, if they’re smart about it, Englund will be involved.


By TheCheezman

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