another poem

i lay in this bed of pain
i try and i strain
i pout and shout
but i cant get out
locked in my head
is this what its like to be dead?
i can only imagine
in my little world of pretend
it never ends
dreams becomes nightmare
oh so quickly
tricky as it may be
dastardly deeds
you cant see
the wounds and scars i hide behind dying eyes
trying to rise
to pull that which is me from this shallow grave
all in a matter of a day
i fall and sway
i hope and pray not to stray
with blood dripping and demons cackling
it is too much
this which i am tackling
so take me now and throw me away
for this is all i feel
all in this day you went away
the day you left
the day you went away
that is the day i died inside my head

By shadowedlight

momento morten vitae sequens. (remember death follows life)