Answer Me.

When I am lying on the floor, crying out my life,
With wounds in my side like a knife,
Would he bother to care for me?
Would he bother to stop, to even see?

I feel so incomplete right now,
It’s burning me up, and I only wonder how,
How could he ever love me so?
He seems so far, so long ago.

Did I try to forget or did I remove him from my mind?
And threw him somewhere dark, never again to find?
Or am I actually torn because of him?
With my soul and heart growing dim?

Do I really not care for him at all?
Am I living my life, and standing tall?
Or am I about to stumble, about to fall?
To shrink down from the world, to be so small?

I wonder why I question my actions,
Did my heart really weaken?
Or am I just being pitiful,
Am I allowing this topic to be so painful?