Anti-Happy – Poetry of Loathing


Rendering flesh during its flight from inside me-
The Beast surfaces to destroy all who oppose it.

I have become the animosity, the sheer hatred.
The New Me smiles as if it hurts to be nice.
Shedding my former life – I exist now only
To be an instrument of destruction: to lay waste.
I prey on the hurt; I maim the content.
I enjoy the pain – I am the Scar on the Soul.
I punish those who don’t deserve it – more for those who do.
I delight in the throes of the damned and innocent alike.
I feed on the fear, the panic of the realization.
I was a nice guy – nobody ever expects it.
But I am no longer a he – I am an It.
I am the Beast, the Titan, the Emptiness.
The hole that was my heart now fills Me with the Void.
I’ve become the thing in the closet, under the bed, the Shadow.
I am the thing I was afraid of as a kid.
I am the Darker Side of everything.
I absorb the light, warp it, corrupt it, make it Mine.
You cannot stop me: I am every Attack and Counter-attack.
I am all Defense, all Offense, all Hopelessness, Hope, and Power.
I am the Anti-Happy.

Have a nice day – VoidsBane

By VoidsBane

I am here. If you are there, and would like to catch my attention, find something worthwhile in yourself to talk about. Emptyness is not intelligence. Pain is temporary. Love is the only true power.