Apartment 216

The buzzer of #216 rang throughout the tiny apartment. Samantha could hear it fine even though she was in the bathroom with the door closed. Wrapping a towel around her not so dry body, she quickly ran to her door to answer the ring. “Who is it?” she asked into the intercom. “Savvy.” said the familiar, soft voice of a friend. Automatically Samantha pressed the door release button, allowing Savannah to enter the main door downstairs.


The buzzer of #216 rang throughout the tiny apartment. Samantha could hear it fine even though she was in the bathroom with the door closed. Wrapping a towel around her not so dry body, she quickly ran to her door to answer the ring. “Who is it?” she asked into the intercom. “Savvy.” said the familiar, soft voice of a friend. Automatically Samantha pressed the door release button, allowing Savannah to enter the main door downstairs.

Samantha ran to her bathroom knowing it wouldn’t take Savannah very long to climb the stairs to her second level apartment. She quickly ran a brush through her soaking, long black hair. Throwing it down on her bathroom counter, Samantha returned to her apartment door to answer the knock from Savannah. She opened it quickly, allowing her friend to enter. Savannah hadn’t changed one bit since she’d last seen her, which was only a few weeks ago. With most people this would have been unusual, but Savannah was constantly changing her hair color, getting more piercings or tattoos, etcetera. Today she looked exactly as Samantha had last seen her, wearing the same clothes in fact. Her short black hair hadn’t been tended to, and she smelt as if she hadn’t cared to take a shower in a while either. Savannah stepped inside, immediately throwing her black messenger bag on the floor.

Samantha closed the door behind her friend then said, “Make yourself at home Sav.” No returning thank you given from Savannah, only a stare that started at Samantha’s feet and ended at her eye level. That stare made Samantha feel uneasy, she didn’t know what Savannah had been doing the last couple of weeks to make her act and look this way. Knowing the subject would come up later some time, she smiled and said simply, “Maybe I should get some clothes on.” Samantha turned on her heal and walked the few steps it took to get to her bedroom. Not bothering to close the door behind her, knowing it was something everyone had seen before, she dropped her towel and turned to her dresser. She felt a cold hand at the nape of her back and she tensed up. “Maybe not,” Savannah said softly. Samantha hadn’t noticed that her friend had followed her to her bedroom. Samantha noticed the look of longing yet determination in Savannah’s eyes.. She needed this.

Taking Samantha’s lack of response as an “okay”, Savannah wrapped her other arm around Samantha, moving her body in front of her friend’s. She wasn’t sure if Samantha was really okay with this, but was only doing whatever was needed to help out. Pulling Samantha’s body closer to her own, Savannah leaned her neck forward, pressing her lips against Samantha’s. The tension between them was very high, at least on Samantha’s part. Situations like this had risen before, and Savannah had grown accustomed to coming to Samantha for a little.. help. Savannah walked forward, causing Samantha to step backwards and fall onto her own bed. Savannah stood at the foot of the bed; examining the naked Samantha sprawled out before her. It brought back memories, needless to say. Knowing it would take Samantha some time to warm up to her, Savannah went ahead and stripped herself down, putting things between them on a more equal level. Watching Savannah lower herself to the bed, Samantha was prepared for the spontaneous lustful acts that her friend generally brought into their sexual encounters. Samantha smiled at her friend, and to her surprise the smile was returned by Savannah, whose hands were now placed on Samantha’s inner thighs. Sliding her hands up to Samantha’s knees, parting her legs and pressing them down to the bed on either side of her, Savannah kneeled over and kissed Samantha’s navel. Taking the middle finger of her right hand, Savannah slowly circled Samantha’s clitoris with only her fingertip. After a few seconds, she entered the moist inside of Samantha’s vagina, pushing it slowly in and pulling it out halfway. Samantha closed her eyes and began breathing softly from her mouth rather than her nose. Savannah continued, but slid her index finger in as well, watching the rise and fall of Samantha’s full chest with each breath. She leaned her head down between Samantha’s thighs, her fingers remaining in the soft thrusting pattern. Savannah kissed the soft, pink skin of Samantha’s clitoris, then slowly licked down to where her fingers were working, and back up again. The wetness of her fingers let Savanna know that Samantha was enjoying this, but there was definitely more to come. Pulling her fingers out, Savannah plunged her tongue into Samantha’s vagina, pushing her tongue against the walls of her insides. At this Samantha let out a surprised moan of pleasure, arching her back a bit. Savannah loved Samantha’s sweet, yet salty taste. Minutes later, Savannah could tell that Samantha was ready to orgasm, but it wasn’t time – not now.

Pulling her tongue out, Savannah kissed Samantha’s clitoris then rose from the bed. Samantha opened her eyes in surprise. “Why’d you stop?” she asked critically, but her answer came from what she saw. Savannah kneeled before Samantha’s dresser, opening the bottom drawer. On the left were underwear and bras, but on the right were various sex toys. Savannah grasped a black strap-on, smiling at whitish glaze on it.. from last time. Undoing the metal clasps and placing the leather straps around her, Savannah returned to the bed. Without having to be asked, Samantha spread her legs apart. Savannah laid herself down upon her friend, the tip of the strap-on penis gently touching the lips of Samantha’s vagina. Smiling widely, Samantha placed one hand around the nape of Savannah’s neck, pulling her friend’s mouth towards her own. Their lips met, and simultaneously Savannah let her hips slide forward, pushing the penis further down Savannah’s vagina. Savannah placed her elbows on the bed on either side of Samantha for balance, thrusting slowly with her hips in the mean time. Samantha pushed her tongue into Savannah’s mouth, their mouths finally parting. Excitedly Savannah began to thrust harder, and the front of the mattress of Samantha’s bed gently touched the wall behind it each time.

The two women continued to kiss, their tongues dancing with each other in random patterns. Samantha gently pulled Savannah’s hair back, causing their mouths to separate. Pushing her weight to one side, Samantha made Savannah flip onto her back in the middle of the bed. Samantha’s legs remained spread and bent so that her feet were behind her. She sat on Savannah’s groin, the tip of the strap-on going straight up inside her, causing a somewhat painful sting against her tissues. She began to thrust her hips slowly against Savannah, both of their breasts jiggling with each push. Savannah reached down and placed her hands on Samantha’s thighs, stroking her pale soft skin. Moaning loudly as she continued to literally ride Savannah, Samantha placed her hands in front of her, cupping Savannah’s breasts and also using them for balance support. Samantha’s pelvis rose so the strap-on was halfway out, and then put her weight back down on it so it quickly slid up into her again. Samantha squeezed Savannah’s breasts, digging her nails into the skin and causing Savannah to exhale deeply, hiding the moan of painful pleasure that Samantha knew wanted to escape. Samantha loved the sting of the tip of the penis against her insides, but even more so she loved Savannah. She was beginning to get out of breath, her heavy breathing was a sign of her climax to Savannah. Samantha let go of Savannah’s breasts, arched her back and rolled her pelvis forward and let everything go. A scream of pleasure escaped from her lips, and her bodily fluids dripped down the leather holding the strap-on inside of her. Samantha rose from her sitting position on Savannah’s groin, and then settled herself on the bed between Savannah’s legs. The strap-on’s wetness glistened in the sunlight peering in Samantha’s bedroom window. Samantha leaned down licked the tip of the black artificial penis. Savannah laughed, but Samantha just smiled and went down on it with her mouth. She tasted the saltiness of her own insides on it, but knew Savannah was enjoying the sight. Knowing this would surprise her friend; Samantha reached down between Savannah’s legs and plunged one finger into the wetness of her vagina. Savannah let out a small moan; the warmness of Samantha’s fingers was a distant but always pleasurable feeling. With her other hand, Samantha undid the metal clasps of the strap-on and slid the leather straps off of Savannah. Pulling her finger out from Savannah’s wetness, Samantha fastened the leather straps around herself with both hands. Samantha fiercely pushed Savannah’s legs apart shoved her hips forward, the tip of the strap-on being driven straight back into Savannah’s vagina. With that, Samantha said simply, “My turn.”