Apologies, I Unleashed a Monster


I write this to apologise to all of you out there who have been getting somewhat annoyed at the humourous content that has been drifting onto this site lately.

As I stated when I posted the joke…..I have no intention of trying to better the general mood of this site, because I find it refreshing to find people who can tell it like it is (and people who make vain attempts to flame those who tell it like it is.) While I will not make my future posts devoid of any humour, I will not specifically post to “brighten up anyone’s day” anymore, as the overwhelming majority seems to hate that.

As for Profligiacy, I think you’re a funny person with a terrific sense of humour, but I feel that on this site, I had the effect of unleashing a monster. Feel free to e-mail your jokes to me, and I can guarantee you that I will appreciate them. But I would think twice about posting jokes on this site again unless you want to be a figure of hatred to the majority of the people here.

To those of you who were indifferent, or who were never bothered by the sense of humour post, I apologise for wasting a few seconds of your lives in having you read a post that was never intended for you.

OK, I think that covers everybody.

Fare thee well


By Durmegil

Not much to say, I study computer science at Strathclyde Uni. I live with my girlfriend and son in a small town near Glasgow and I spend my nights and weekends mostly at home or in the woods near home.


  1. i didn’t mind the post… it was the nearly a hundred e-mails i received afterwards. but, i knew i shouldn’t have posted on it. i knew it would come back to bite me in the ass like the notyou post, but i never learn…

  2. Often many things come back to bite us in the ass…*sigh*…even jokes can ruin a life. I have bad experiance with such things.

  3. Well I often tend to be the BUTT of nearly every joke in my sixth form (its coz im different)
    So dont worry bout your joke dude im sure it was posted with good will.

  4. I’m sorry but what kind of idiot posts a JOKE on a site called “Embrace the Darkness”? Am I the only one who realises that that was more than a mistake, that was SHEER STUPIDITY! ps didn’t even read the joke (lol) I am not crazy…But I AM a pathological liar!


  5. Bloody Rose I agree with you. To put a post like that in a site like this wasnt smart.

  6. bloody hell, he can post whatever he damn well pleases, someones bound to find it amuseing, and even if noone does theres no reason to be so bloody critical.

  7. Greetings,

    I guess the answer to your rhetoric, Bloody Rose would be me. I have apologised once for this, and another time just proves there’s somethnig else to hide.

    Lepititemorte56, thank you for your defence. I don’t mind people being critical of me. I did once, but when you can’t make other people change, you just have to accept it, so I gave up on caring when people were criticising me.

    Anyway, BloodyRose is right, I should have measured the audience more thoroughly than I did, and as a result, more than a few people got annoyed.

    Fare thee well


  8. My dear Durmegil you cannot measure the audience as it is far to spread out…..
    As the sociologist Ien Ang said you cannot generalise the audience because everyone is an individual…….

  9. and if people didn’t like the title (which had the word humor in it) than they should not have read it. they don’t have to read every post on this site.

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