Arcane Confrontations

“Give up your cause,” I told the novice. I found him in a dark alley. That he had some dire calling was as predictable as the black trench coat he wore. I always expect to find these youths with robes on carrying a ‘magic’ wand. Not so predictable, I guess.

The smug look I expected was smeared across his face like a painters mistake. Beginners always have a terribly over inflated view of their worth and purpose.

“Your cause is noble.” It always is. “But it binds you like a chain to a post. You can choose to go any direction you want, but not too far. Your cause will always pull you back.”

Disbelief in his eyes. He searches for some hint as to who I am and how I know him. Probing, searching, finding nothing.

“Give it a rest. You don’t know me. I don’t even know you. I only know your type. I’ve watched you come and go as seconds in a day. You all think you have the answers. You all think you have the passion and the will to survive . . . . You’re cause is just, you say? Well I’m sure it is. Even if it’s not you believe otherwise, and that’s just about the same thing.” I tire of this. I turn to walk away only to feel a force gathering behind me.

“You’re sadly mistaken if you think your childish will is enough to hurt me. I’ve lived scores of your lifetimes. Upstarts far greater than you have failed. Believe me child, the choice to live or die is in your own hands. I can feel your impotent mind pulling power from anywhere it can. At the same time, I feel most of it bleeding away through the gaps you have yet to control. You will fail.”

The running footsteps down the alley are all the response I need.


  1. Your story could have used some work but for what is was it was good. Keep writng and keep posting. Love blood and writing.
    ~Leta Gray

  2. Your story makes no sense, to me anyways. We all aren’t as weird as you may think. We’re a little eccentric, but that’s to be expected.
    Take me for example, I’m a fucked up girl who worships the Goddess Diana. I have 4 friends that I would actually trust with my life and a boyfriend who’s dating another girl on the side.
    No, I am not asking for pity, just some understanding.
    If you see a lonely girl sitting in the corner, try to talk to her. You’ll find out that apearences aren’t what they seem.

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