Are humans just a mistake sent to earth to be observed to see if they were able to survive? Or are they just experiments that some alien thought would be cool to create and watch them to see what they would do? if they are mistakes, are aliens really abducting them to see how they have progressed? or are they trying to figure out thier weakness? or maybe they’re trying to decide whether or not they should reveal themselves to them. Take a look at the humans past….they build…improve….and then destroy. why? I ask you why do the humans do that? they build weapons of mass destruction….then say that those weapons are only for “protection”. the only thing that the humans are “protecting” is nothing. the humans try to make the world “a better place” by stopping crime and putting peope in jail. which then causes more crime since certain people believe that they can “beat” the system. you cant beat the system. the only way to that is to build a better stronger system that can overpower the old one. back to what was said. are humans mistakes? or were they placed on earth to be observed,studied, and disected? What the big question is:


telling the truth.


  1. Interesting I suppose, we may well be mistakes. But I wouldnt call us mistakes, id call it our misfortune! If the theory that you put forward is true, then fair do’s, what the hell can we do about it? Track the aliens down and blast them with our nuclear weapons? i likie do wa the cha cha

  2. Ignore the last part of that,my mate joey typed that in…..
    Humans are built to think like that, there’s no use pondering on it though, coz will you ever find the answere? Unlikely, just get on with life. If there is life in space then thats awesome and if aliens did put us here, then we should be thankful for our existence…..sacrificing so many people a year out of billions isnt that much of a price to pay……..

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