are they real?

when people write vampire books like anne rice how do we no she’s not just writing from life experience she may be a vampire herself or a victim and what people are really doing is make us not believe them because if they’re not allowed to reveal themselves then it would be logical to write about them more

and make people believe they’re not real so they can keep themselves a secret because it would take alot now to convince some one vampires are real because they would want visual proof because know one just believes it they have to see it for themselves but a vampire wont exactly reveal its self to you unless its going to feast on you but then it would wipe your mind anyway so you dont remember you were ever bitten but there are unsolved murders in tthe world and who says it wasnt vampires the clues could be all there but people are so ignorant they dont accept it! what do you think personally i believe in them and i think theyre just really good at hiding it because they’ve been forced to because people cant accept them for what they are and they dont think people should be hunted like animals even though thats quite ironic but its what they believe and all this is what i believe in what do you believe in?

By surondindarkness

i'm a 14 year old girl from england who enjoys thrash metal, death metal,rock etc. and i love reading about vampires and witches