asian goths

i don’t wanna sound racists or anything, but i have a big problem with asian goths. when your goth, forget your nationality, you’re goth now! but every asian goth i’ve seen walks into the club with little korean flags and “Got Rice?” patches.

it’s like fuck your homeland! fuck japan, korea, and china! once your goth, it’s like you have no ethniticity! If you were, for example, talking to a mexican or black goth over the internet, they’ll just tell you they’re goths. same with white people. But asians are always like “i’m azn goth” like they’re so fucking special! I swear it needs to stop! it’s bad enough asians have already stolen the american rap and rock scene, but now this? these guys never do anything original! even the way they dress is a mix of longed spiked hair(goth style), baggy clothes (hip-hop style) and heavy chains(latino style). these asian goths now are just makin me sick. and if anybody disagrees with me, instant message me below.


AIM NAME:wickedstitchez

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By The Evil Cheezman

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