Asylum Chris’ Poems

Eternal Embrace

A cold heart locked inside of me,
Chilled by winter breeze,
Frozen in the art of love,
There for all to see,

I feel your breath upon my lips,
As moonlight fades away,
A lonely tear falls from your face,
I wish that I could stay,
I know our time is almost up,
Our parting draws ever near,
A silent sound surrounding us,
And you i hold so dear,
Do not weep for me my love,
This choice it is not mine,
Ill leave this place and so will you,
For love is for all time,
Lying in my arms you cry,
Set your sorrow free,
Join me in death my love,
This way we will not be,
Separated for all time,
In a forest of our dreams,
Our love will live on through our death,
Join me, let it be.

Frozen there eternally,
To lovers interlaced,
A statue in the frozen plains,
Forever lasting embrace.

Crimson Tide

A river of red flows from within,
A stain upon the work of sin,
A tortured soul lies in this place,
A figure, a man without a face,
The knife it lies upon the ground,
The crimson tide flows all around,
Blood-washed rivers fill the ground,
His heart it does not make a sound,
Life is sucked out from the veins,
As this blood flows it leaves no stains,
For this blood is the work of sin,
A poison that comes from within,
A silent witness of a crime,
A soul departed for all time,
Taken from this place we know,
To a world where many go,
A place in shadows with no light,
A place where fire burns through the night,
A place where screams are all around,
A place where purity is not found,
An easy death,
A simple way,
To end a life of misery,
But whats in store after all this,
No-one know what does exist
The bloodstained ground thats left behind,
The memory of an saddened mind,
The feeling of hopeless despair,
As guilty stays,
Lying there.
Upon the thoughts of this dark mind,
A tarnished sound comes through, unkind

Love In Death

I just close my eyes,
Shielding my mind from the world,
Pass away into subconcious thought,
Drifting away to my grave,
Bury me deep inside of this place,
For love after death is unkind,
Torn away feelings build barriers here,
Stopping us, making us blind,
One day we’ll lie here together again,
Motionless side by side,
The love that was once felt inside of our hearts,
Will carry on in essence of mind,
Until that day,
you must go on,
Forever a thorn in your mind,
One day we’ll be together again,
United, our souls for all time.

Last Chance

One last chance to prove myself, one last time before i die,
One more time i must do this, must do this to ease my mind,
Setting free my unseen self from a prison that is me,
Unleash the broken spirit now and all shall bow and see,
Lie awake, lie asleep it doesn’t matter to me,
Die today, die next week no-one cares for me,
My lifes a lie, myself a hoax, a human conspiricy,
A brand new dawn, a new life set, upon the road for me,
A brand new start, a new fate here for me to have, to feed,
I must now fight, fight for life, for my own state of mind,
Live or die, thats my choice i haven’t got much time,
The clock goes tick, its running down, this chance has passed me by,
Return to black, my head tilts low, my mind broken and torn.


Walking throught the darkness,
A world of insanity,
The blackened shadow of a dream,
The vivid nightmares go unseen,
The tortured mind, imprisoned in,
Subconcious thought of constant sin,
A thought let lose upon the night,
A thought that will not leave this sight,
Crashing down through clouds of fear,
Swirling, coming ever near,
To a place inside the head,
A place of fear, of dark, of dread,
Coming here by minds desire,
Being burned upon the fire,
Crucified upon the flames,
As blood it boils inside of veins,
Dripping down upon the face,
A ghostly creature you create,
A figure dressed in black draws near,
Searching, death he knows no fear,
As fighting, screaming he takes you from,
The place where only you have gone,
As daybreak comes the pain subsides,
The world that punished has not died,
It will return as does the night,
A fear, an absence of the light.

By Asylumchris

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