Atacked For No Reason By My Best Friend

So there I was…..standing in the middle of the dark forest, looking for Ivan. We were playing hide-an-go seek…”I wonder were he is…” I walked some more in a hopless search to find him. “I hope he’s not at home base.” I heard foot steps everywere. “Ivan? Is that you?”

I stood trembleing. As a few trees on my left passed me by while I walked, I looked all over the forest for Ivan…When i was just about to pass another tree on my left, something from not a far distance lunged quickly after me. My whole body shifted toward the object to see what it was when a human shaped person slammed me into a tree back first. With crusial pain all over my body. “Ahh!” I groaned after feeling a sharp pain in my neck that could not compare to the amount of pain i felt before it. I opened my eyes to find Ivan at my left side…His arms arround his head and my neck, keeping me from escaping him. I groaned deeply in pain…trying to tell him to stop. “…..Ivan….” as I spoke, blood gushed from my mouth, “Stop…whatever you’re……..doing. uurggh….” He continued to kill me. My breaths go shorter…my skin paler, and my own life being adopted by my own best friend….or so i thought he was….I felt eal faint while he put his hands on the side of my stomach and pushed hiself off my bloody neck, grinning at me evily with my life all over and inside him. He let go of me and I collapsed at his feet….dead….he told me, “That’ll teach ya to go into forests at night Seth…” He picked me up and put me stomach side first over his left shoulder, and carried me away….

By AnotherHuman

A very depressed human boy............