Auspices (Werewolf: The Apocalypse stuff)

There is some jargon you should know if you really want to understand this article. Auspices are the five different phases the moon can be(either waxing or waning) when a garou is born. A garou is the name werewolves give themselves.

There are 13 current tribes(a few died out, or now serve the wyrm[i.e. the black spiral dancers{crazy-hard-assed-muther-fuckin-abominations ; ) }]) The umbra is the spirit world.

All garou are a dying breed. They are Gaia’s sworn defenders, but their numbers are not even a small fraction of what they used to be.

With a few exceptions between tribes, the Litany is the same for all garou. The Litany is the ancient code of laws all garous live and breath by. The garou’s religion consists of a (one time) holy trinity, much like Christianity.

In the age of the Mokole(reptilian therianthropes), the umbra and gaia existed peacfully together and garou had nothing better to do but hunt and dance under luna’s light. The Wyld, the Wyrm, and the Weaver all existed in harmony and balance. Then something went wrong, and the wyrm decided to destroy gaia and the wyld she most represents. But gaia was the mother of all things, and her children leapt to her aid. “We will not let the wyrm destroy you, oh beloved gaia!” their voices sang. The garou, always fierce but never united, suddenly had a common enemy. The wyrm raged against it’s losing battle, and in a bitter stroke of genious, somehow drove the weaver insane. The wyld is the essence of chaos, and the weaver is the essence of order. After the weaver went insane, the wyrm and it have been winning the battle against the great mother.

As humans slowly took over the land and killed the forests off one by one and left their disgusting lifeless scabs everywhere(cities) , many loup garou (born a wolf instead of a human) called for the death of the humans as well as the wyrmspawn(especially the Red Talons). But this was not the will of gaia. Garou are born of a sacred union between wolf and man. The product of two garou mating is a metis, and is always sterile and usually phisically/mentally deformed in some way.

Many garou called for a return to the Impergium, a dark time when metis were killed on site and the human race was periodically culled from time to time like cattle. Humans have still not really forgotten this fact, it explains why they suffer Delerium when seeing a garou in crinos form(werewolf ready for action 🙂

But in these days of dwindling numbers, calmer head’s prevail. Ragnorak is upon us, but some still have hope for the future, grim as it may seem, and the garou need all the help they can fighting the wyrm, metis and homid(human) alike.

The umbra is no longer a safe place to dwell if one is unexperianced or untested. There are many places much like in real life where the weaver has completely taken over and it is not safe for any living thing. A wyld spirit is about a common site as a unicorn is. And everywhere is the cursed wyrm, trying to destroy all the garou hold dear. No matter how much tribes may dislike each other, they all have the same foe. The wyrm.

But enough of me rambling, as I could go on all day.

The rest of this article’s ripped off from The Unofficial Get of Fenris page. I felt I should give props, and I didn’t want any comments besmirching my rep. >>looking in ~J’s general direction ;)< <

I could have written my own shit, but I was majorly impressed with his explanation. His description of ahrouns actually brought a tear to my eye. Laugh if you must, but I seldom cry. I’m not very sentimental, as most of you know. What really struck a chord with me was that besides actually being born under a waxing full moon, it basically describes everything I’ve ever tried to be my whole life.


A werewolf’s auspice is a general template of attitude and behavior. Garou believe that the phase of
the moon under which a werewolf is borne influences the Garou that he becomes. In this way, Luna
teaches her sister’s children their roles in life. Luna recognizes no Garou can be all things at all times;
each auspice is one fragment of a grand design.

Your auspice also describes your place in Garou society. When you enter your tribe, you are
assigned to a teacher sharing your moon-sign, who then instructs you in the ways of the moon. For
simplicity, many teachers compare a Garou’s auspice to an astrological sign, but the true significance
of auspice goes much deeper than this. The moon-sign is seen as advice from Luna and as intregal
part of each werewolf’s being.

Auspice may be renounced and another path chosen, but this is frowned upon as a grave insult to
Luna. A renunciate must undergo a Rite of Renunciation, a painful stripping away of the Garou’s old
identity. The renunciation starts again at Rank 1, keeping all former Rage but losing a fair amount of
esteem in the Tales of such renunciates tend to circulate among the tribes; those who refuse Luna’s
guidance are not often trusted.

Annoying as he may be, the trickster is the bringer of wisdom to those who believe themselves wise.
A Ragabash not only reveals that the emperor has no cloths – he dumps the prentitious snot in a
puddle of mud as a lesson for other wanna-be kings. By undermining tradition and authority at every
tum, the Ragabash keeps his fellows on their toes, teaching them the folly of selfimportance and the
wisdom of humility. Ironically, the trickster brings order with disorder. His pranks highlight the cracks
in the sidewalk over which his packmates would otherwise trip.

Though other Garou expect mischief from the Ragabash, they don’t often appreciate it. The tricksters
are tolerated but never really trusted. Ragabash tend to be fairly bizarre individuals; their packmates
don’t even try to understand them. Their accepted path allows them a freedom that few Garou enjoy.
New Moons are flexible, and that flexibility is their strength.

Like the fools of medieval European courts, Ragabash are regarded as necessary nuisances and
given pretty free rein. This is not to say that tricksters have no bounds; the Litany is sacred law, even
to the children of the New Moon. Still, elders often look the other way while the tricksters work their
pranks, trusting the innate wisdom of Luna to guide them. All the same, the Ragabash had best watch
his back. Ahroun are not known for their sense of humour…

Initial Rage: 1
Beginning Gifts: Blur of the Milky Eye, Open Seal, Scent of Running Water
Stereotype: Although the role of the clown is accepted, it carries little respect. Other Garou remain
wary of the trickster, even when he’s trying to be serious. Tricksters born beneath the waxing moon
have a light, comic touch, while the humour of waning-moon Ragabash assumes a darker cast.
Although Ragabash are usually dismissed as slapstick pranksters, their jests range from the comical
to the surreal, leaving less sophisticated Garou scratching behind their ears in bafflement. Ragabash
are anigmatic, hidden like their auspice moon, and they like it that way.

Walk with me a while, under the light of….what? There is no light? Well, of course not! We are
shadow-dancers. Luna wreaths herself in mystery. Of course there’s no light! Light would spoil
the fun! Run with me a while, and you shall see the method in my madness. I will take you
beyond yourself, past the confines of your vision.

Just don’t slip in the doggie-doo…

The crescent moon shines like a blade. In its light, the Theurge, seer of the Garou, makes her peace
with the spirit world. No other Garou is so attuned to the Umbra. No other auspice shares her insight
to the paths and perils of the spirit Realms.

Theurges are the tribual guides. By the sliver of Luna’s light, Theurges peek into the darkness of inner
and outer mystery. Gaia’s sister leads them through mystic journeys that few other Garou could
follow. Like the human shamans of native cultures, Theurge werewolves stand aloof and mysterious,
touched and set apart by the insight they have gained.

Theurges often keep to themselves, muttering to the spirits and have little time for commomn
foolishness. These seers are the planners, the thinkers, the diviners, the visionaries. Their Gifts reflect
a keen understanding of the spirit world and the inner self. They may channel, heal, or harm with
equal grace. Without them, the tribe might wander until the Wyrm swallowed them whole. Their
packmates know this, but keep their distance. Who knows when the wise one’s eerie insight might
turn in your direction?

Initial Rage: 2
Beginning Gifts: Mothers Touch, Sense Wyrm, Spirit Speech

Stereotype: Spirits have left their mark on the Theurge. She is “touched” and more than a little
wierd. Her insight is both blessing and curse. Although her packmates value her powers, she makes
them nervous. That chilling chant she recites in her sleep is enough to curl a Bane’s tentacles!
Theurges born under the waxing moon are thought to attune themselves naturally to the spirits, while
those born under the waning moon are said to bind spirits to their service by force, in the manner of

That whisper in the trees is not the wind! It is the crying of the ghosts of these lands. Shall I
tell you what they say?
It would turn your fur white!
Can you see them dancing in my eyes? Closer! Closer! Can you see their laughing faces,
cackling at me? You cannot?
I do! Every instant, every day! Luna’s kiss bring them like flies to my everpresent gaze. I see
them in my sleep. Are you laughing at me? Don’t laugh at me! I may set them on you…

As the halfmoon balances light and darkness, The Philodox straddles the line between wolf and man,
Rage and Gnosis, passion and wisdom. The Philodox is the pack mediator, the one in whom other
Garou go for advice or a fair resolution to disputes. His honor is usually beyond question. As judge,
lawgiver and Master of Challenges, the Philodox is without peer.

Philodox often make the best tribal leaders; Luna bids them follow the middle path. In doing so they
become the fulcrum balancing the extreme behavior of their Ragabash and Ahroun packmates. In
times of war, a Galliard or Ahroun may assume their chief role, inspiring the rest of the pack to valiant
deeds. During times of comparative peace, however, a highranking Philodox usually assumes the
leadership mantle. Philodox also closely nurture their spiritual canter, savouring their ties to both flesh
and spirit. In personal matters, they often hold their own counsel unless asked, but intervene
immediately if they spot a potential threat to the pack.

Philodox represent the best qualities of the Garou. Their inner balance, however, can be their
undoing. Some waxing moon Philodox become distant and aloof; conversely, many followers of the
waning moon have fragile, easily disturbed canters of balance. The balance-bringer’s path is a
tightrope, and holding the center is often a thankless task.

Initial Rage: 3
Beginning Gifts: Resist Pain, Scent of the True Form, Truth of Gaia

Stereotype: Philodox are known as the most honorable of Garou, although some whisper that
they’re too smart for their own good. Whenever problems arise, however, everyone looks to the

Put that away! Are you both mad? Infighting gets us nowhere! Now listen, both of you; let’s sit
down and work this out. Grimgoth won’t be any good to Gaia at all if he’s healing a split to
his liver. Okay, no interruptions. I want to hear this from the beginning. And don’t you try to
lie to me…

As Luna grows pregnant with rage, she bids the Moon Dancer to sing her songs of battle and past
glories. Heeding the call, the Galliard raises her voice against the night, summoning inspiration and
fortune with her clear, perfect howl.

Galliards are the lorekeepers, the entertainers, the artists, the singers of old tales and new ways.
Spontaneous and inventive, Moon Dancers are the soul of the pack. They raise the other’s spirits and
remind them of what it is they fight for. Galliards are often fearsome warriors in their own right,
blazing with Luna’s passion. Whether their sacred dance is performed in a newfound glade or in an
enemy’s intestines matters little to a Galliard.

Passion is the Galliard’s birthright. Those born under the waxing moon feel the passion of life and joy
of creation, while those born under the waning moon feel the pull of the carnage and revel in the
darkness of their souls. Though all Galliards know many subtleties of the Litany and the ins and outs
of tribal lore, they rely more on spontaneous inspiration than studied learning. Luna ignites their veins,
and the dance of life and death is all that matters.

Initial Rage: 4
Beginning Gifts: Beast Speech, Call of the Wyld, Mindspeak

Stereotype: No one expects restraint from a Galliard, but they’re usually good for rousing a story or
a powerful song. They make fine warriors and inspiring leaders.

Come on! Up! Up! Don’t look so depressed! Don’t you remember the story of Blenfor
Winterfang, surrounded by Wyrmspawn at the Icy Spring Caern? You don’t? There he was,
Blenfor Winterfang, leader of the North Wind, snow up to his knees, and as the full moon rose,
he saw their blazing eyes. Forty of them, and him all alone…

The Ahroun is the vessel of Luna’s Rage, the talons of Gaia’s fury. He is the slayer, the madman-wolf,
Rage incarnate. Blood is his wine, war is his pleasure. In time, wisdom may guide the Ahroun’s hand,
but in his youth the Ahroun stands atop a pile of corpses and howls for more.

Ahroun will never be known for their social graces, but their inspiring presence and physical prowess
make them natural war leaders. Their affinity for the inner Beast often leads Ahroun to an early, if
glorious death, but pain can be a fine teacher. An elder Ahroun is one of the most dangerous
creatures alive. These are the heroes of the Garou, the warriors of legend.

Even among the most level-headed tribes, Ahroun are known for their bad tempers. They do not fear
death, but embrace it as a warrior’s due. These born fighters see themselves as the fists of the pack
and the leaders by natural right. Not all Ahroun are so callous; some keep a handle on their Rage and
save it for the enemy. For most children of the Full Moon, however, life is a battle – nasty, brutish,
and short.

Initial Rage: 5
Beginning Gifts: Razor Claws, Inspiration, The Falling Touch

Stereotype: Ahroun are all that is mighty, proud, and foolish in the Garou. Their spirit is powerful,
but their manners leave something to be desired. Still, it’s better to have one at your back than at your

Ahroun borne under a waxing moon are said to be frantically attuned to Gaia’s will, while those borne
under the waning moon often use their might to dominate other Garou.

Quote: Only a coward fears death! My spirit will only be reborn as it has a thousand times
before. If I fall tonight, let it be in glorious battle for Mother. Let my blood water her fields for
a hundred miles! I ask only to scatter a few dozen of these Wyrmspawn before I go down

Now – who stands with me?

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