I’ve looked into your eyes I try to see what you see And feel how you really are deep inside But more I looked more lost I was When I knew you weren’t the one Even though I wanted you so The world darkened and there my heart was broken The heart bled with never… Continue reading Broken


Grab the knife There is no strife Plunge it in It’s not a sin So what is wrong? Do I have to sing you a song? About the death and the gore? Maybe that’s what you will get from what I sing You aren’t much of a thing So go ahead Move on Stick it… Continue reading Knife

The Murder

It’s not nothing you haven’t experienced before and you know it is deep down inside of you, the urge to kill. That is what you want to do, well that’s what I’ve accomplished. It wasn’t that hard. Haha to kill is just another entertainment for me, perhaps the only entertainment for me,hahaha. It’s so fun… Continue reading The Murder

A Fight

I’m blinded by the light Blinded by the sight Blinded by this gruesome fight I hope your alright

My Questions

Life Death It’s all the same Life after life

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Love and dreams I do not see That is how it seems to be Anger is at hand for every teen Happiness is only a mask to be seen

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Cutting…. I’ve never experienced it but I always imagine myself. Taking a blade and slit my wrist. I stand above my sink

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