Dear Charlatan

As lovely as blood dripping, thickening in your temple You left earlier than I remember ensconced in a threshold of cosmic sounds in riot in full catharsis that promises no end… left to shatter…fails to embrace my longing for your rebirth here in a dark corner of my mind in your truer absence I’ve invited… Continue reading Dear Charlatan


Foretold, cosmic shadows fell unnoticed in your eyes in my tears For the nothingness that overwhelms stabs us silently… gently… making blood more luminous than the sun.

Post-neon Amour II

I’ve seen you in strips of black and gray lunar cloak; a grunge-gothic disarray of savage hairstrands from above a sad, spying eye and words cutting through the haze… soft spoken syllables that die gently telling me about a hole in the moon so vast it covered the whole of the universe… it’s void expanding… Continue reading Post-neon Amour II