The Scene

(This post if for the death category) And there’s blood everywhere… worse than the smell, sticky looking, shiny, wet, scarlet… blood soaks the walls like paint, dripping… only it dries faster than paint. This is fresh… too fresh… too late; they were too late, 10 minutes… 20 at most… two open doors, which one to… Continue reading The Scene

“I Do”

(It’s nice to see things up and running again! This post is obviously for Poetry. Thanks!) On the anniversary of his death She entered the living room Wearing her wedding dress The cat watched as she Watched herself Laughing Dancing Making small talk Lifting the veil She kissed the cat “I do” She sipped red… Continue reading “I Do”


(wherever you think it’ll fit. I’m guessing poetry 😉 We have a special report for all you folks tuning in on your short-wave radio’s tonight. There have been a series of leg thefts around Europe in recent days with up to seventeen legs reported missing. There has been growing concern amidst officials that these thieves… Continue reading Newsbreak


(For the poetry section. Thanks! 🙂 Bouncing sound off buildings Heels tap the concrete with each step Moonlight glistening silver Shows twisty paths already taken Dark wisps of cloud struggle to dim bright stars And the goddess shines down, knowing A weary voyager roams the streets below With heavy pack and battered soles While murmurs… Continue reading Searching