age from the diary of argon stark..entry 1

i think i hav finally decided to come out with some of my inner turmoil. ( an otherwise seemingly inconsequential indulgence). so it might come out raw,before i decide to cleave and butcher it with knives of reasoning and cleavers of criticism. when i mention/refer to ‘come out from the inside’ i can clearly visualise… Continue reading age from the diary of argon stark..entry 1

that was me-2

there is this strange thing about revenge,one can always associate destruction to it. however the reverse did not seem likely to Him. destructiveness unlike revenge did not need to have a motive or even look for one;it just acquired one. destructiveness,working on same levels as creativeness,seemingly highly motivated with no back lash,seemed non-desirous for a… Continue reading that was me-2

that was me

‘I was with him at night,and when it was all silent he cried no more for friends he wished to come and sit with him,but began to see faces round his bed that came from home;he said they smiled and talked to him,and died at last lifting his head to kiss them.’


lifes never been so things never seen before 2 ways to every thing 2 faces to every king

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