A Fact of Life

The ritualistic pain of life is never avoided. Some struggle through life with hardship after hardship. Some encounter brief periods of misfortune that take them by surprise. The latter, in my opinion, are the unlucky ones. Those whose entire life is hardship learn to adapt. They struggle for every goal, and thus enjoy them more.… Continue reading A Fact of Life

Crying, Part 2

Every time I look at you I feel like less of me. What I once was good at (and probably still am) I feel incompetent with doing. Why is it that everyone is better than me?

Portrait of a Loser

Pictures are a provocative peek into the life of someone else. They are intimate portraits, sometimes baring the souls of these individuals. To just look upon those pictures, the ones of you smiling and laughing with your friends. Someone snapped that camera before you were ready and you couldn’t hide your soul from being captured.

Stupid Me

Please don’t pretend to care. Please don’t look at me with that cold blank stare. You know I love you and I always will,