Looking Back at 11:33 (Part 2~Vengeance)

As a dull blade runs down your flesh I’ll laugh at your tears, now running fresh. And I’ll tell you to remember A few weeks back When you broke my heart Incentive to break your neck. I’ll kill you twice Maybe three times at best. I’ll put all my pain and sorrow to rest. Your… Continue reading Looking Back at 11:33 (Part 2~Vengeance)


I feel you pulsing, quick and calm. I hear you calling my name and I answer, moaning in pain and pleasure. I’ve heard the voices; telling me you’ve used me just to fill your hopeless voids. And it’s okay because my pain pleases both of our senses. Your nails scrape at my wrists and the… Continue reading Truth

Accepting the Invisibility

I love how no matter how down I am- feeling like it can’t get any worse- there’s always that one person, standing in the backdrop; waiting to agitate you more than you already are. There’s always one person ready to make you feel like shit with their pety, selfish comments. Or that one bitch from… Continue reading Accepting the Invisibility