pale enchantress

you were the one in my dreams…I…wished to meet you in my dream but you always walk away…why do you walk away but every night come back?…I always wanted to kiss you…you always tease me…you won’t let me touch you…than why do you come to me in life?…I am not scared that I might just… Continue reading pale enchantress

scary music??

today i was in all black, listining to korn and slipknot, and my mom says “stop listining to that scary music” and i reply “just close my door” she pouts and looks around my dark room and says “why arn’t the lights on” and i said “i was sleeping??”

something wrong??

Is thier something wrong with going to a school dance and to want to be alone, to walk in circles around my piers and only thinking who to strike and to feed off of?

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The reasion you never love is because when you find some one you love alot…it can all be stolen away in a blink of an eye to those who care.