DARKNESS:::Just Another Suicide:::

For almost 8 months they were together. The perfect couple… From the moment they met, she knew they were meant to be together. She thought she knew it was all meant to be. He sent her flowers, bought her candy, and always told her how much he loved her. They layed on the grass together,… Continue reading DARKNESS:::Just Another Suicide:::

Fed Up With Everyday Life

DARKNESS I’m lying on the ground, thinking about my life. Oh how i want to end it so badly. Sometimes i think too much, and my mind gets too carried away. But death is something i know i want. Its something i crave. Sometimes i think I’m crazy. I think that I’m insane. But that… Continue reading Fed Up With Everyday Life

Death Awaits You All

You call me names and push me around. you think im a nothing. but what goes around comes around. you think you’re so much better than me just because you wear abercromie and i wear gothedout… but you dont even know what im all about. im glad to be an outcast, im glad to be… Continue reading Death Awaits You All