Reality Spasm (13 hours)

They call it reality spasm, come purple ghost rising to the ceiling. A blaze of heat, some ferocious trick devouring the mind. Once your there your home, 13 hours to catch the last fall back into your body. Comes like clockwork, a sick joke counting backwards to the punchline. It issues it sentence and once… Continue reading Reality Spasm (13 hours)


it seems they see from another point of view, cursing and hating the chosen few, we who suffer we who cry, those who wished for us to die,

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Chemical Prison Bars

Once more ive been offered help, this time in a little cream & green pill called Prozac…..So im taking it.I think the only reason they give us this is so we have something to OD on. All it does is supress the real me and replace it with some zombie like character that is far… Continue reading Chemical Prison Bars

Kurt Cobains Suicide Note

[This note means alot to alot of people. It means alot to me, its about time that everyone read it[ it was addressed to “all of you”]] “Writing from the tongue of an experienced simpleton who obviously would rather be an emasculated, infantile complainee.This note should be easy to understand. All the warnings from the… Continue reading Kurt Cobains Suicide Note

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