Scream Till I Faint

I lifted my head to look at the comedian on the TV screen. I had seen her before. Her nervous, twitchy face. Her constantly cracking voice. SHe wasn’t funny before, and she wasn’t this time either. Frowning, I shifted and looked more directly at the screen. Why was she there? How did she even make… Continue reading Scream Till I Faint

A Random Rant

My aunt cares about me… And it hurts me to know that. I see her once or twice a year… But she sends me letters every once in a while. This last one made me cry… All it said was “Don’t listen to everyone else. You’re doing well. Love, Aunt Verna”

Fly Away

She stands alone on the shore Nothing matters anymore Spreads her arms open wide Now in the ocean she will hide

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