Smooth. Sapphire. Silent. Silver jewelry hung from various piercings in her ears. They reflected metallic light and laughed as if to mock the familar myths of silver bullets and vampires. I walked alone that night. Breathing in slowley the fatal fumes of my dying cigarette. Fatal. I remember when that word once held meaning to… Continue reading Countess

POmEs by Her

i wish it was that easy but the light doesnt shine not through the glass not to my side so smile be happy for me 12-19-02 eyes dont cry the invisible tears hearts dont die in hiding fears love wont lie if someone cares 12-19-02 ~Falyn


A greying light shines across the marble tombs. each stone glows a faded silver in the midnight light. alone she stands , head bent, reading. her words are falling, mingling with the tear drops land silently upon an olde and broken stone. “dear beloved, dear betrothed. the sun brings me no light. for its tarnished… Continue reading Bethrothed


swoon gaze, featherlight, upon the world you left behind miss nothing, below breath in the mists you had to go leave all, you ever knew, to boil and burst and hiss at you fall up, and skyhigh, towards the stars beyond the night ~Falyn