Story of a highschool steriotype (pt. 3)

Krissy shuddered as she walked out into the crisp air, skipping down her front steps into the gentle hum of Reggie’s jeep. “Hey, babe” he sweetly smiled as he put his big hand on her bare, milky white thigh. Her green eyes looked into his hazel fogs. She straightened up quickly, checking her smokey make… Continue reading Story of a highschool steriotype (pt. 3)

Tonight’s the night (pt. 2)

sorry for the long wait between one and two..I was working on other stuff…. ____________________________________ Delana could feel the lust running through her veins, she wanted it just as bad maybe even worse than Chris. She slowly, seductively moved toward him, his eyes dancing from her hips to her bust, up to her burning lips.… Continue reading Tonight’s the night (pt. 2)

Fuck it

Fuck forever, ‘Cause forever always ends Fuck life, ‘Cause of all its twists and bends

Fuck it

“Short sweet, and to the point, I’d like to say this is my view on everything in a neat, little nutshell, enjoy* Fuck forever ‘Cause forever always ends

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