Melissa’s Story

Ever since Melissa was old enough to remember, she hadn’t had a father figure in her life. Her father had been unfaithful to here mother ever since she was born, and so they got devorced. She couldn’t help but think that it was her fault that her parents got divorced, and never really believed anything… Continue reading Melissa’s Story


Life has been so cruel and mean to me and all my friends… Life has been the worst thing that has happened to us… and we can’t do anything about it… People always say that life isn’t always fair… but it has always been unfair to us… People always say that life is tooo short… Continue reading Life

You Then Me

You speak of meaning/justice/light, your blinded by your fear, for all i know is chaos, endless pleasure wrapped in the confinds of a body, waiting for it to crumble,turn to ash and release me again. This does not please me, and irony has no place in my soul, for one day i will die, accending/dropping… Continue reading You Then Me

This Is A World Of…

This is a world of greed and corruption, evil roams in discuise as society, and the blood of martyrs has been forgotten, this is a world where demons feast upon the decadence of mankind, and angels weep for your souls, in this place survival is second to none, and ethics has no place in your… Continue reading This Is A World Of…

Unsaid Words

You think that you know me, but you don’t know anything. You are friendly to my but when i turn and walk away, you say things that you wouldn’t say if i was standing there. But you think that you know me just by what you see me do. but you don’t know me. Not… Continue reading Unsaid Words