Rain? Rain. ‘Go away’? Never come, Or always stay. Up and down, Round and round, Never ceasing? How profound. Abstruse… Acute… It’s killing me. Take me under, Or let me be. Infatuation? Lies all lies… How I miss, Fingers in pies. Hardened and wizened… So young, so pure, Depression? Compression. Wash me to shore… The… Continue reading Carousel

Deluded Metaphor To You

I’m alone in this tiny room, writing again. My mother’s telling me to go to bed, but I’m not listening. Who cares if it’s gone midnight? It’s not my fault she can’t appreciate the night. Night is when all creativity flows. Why waste it with sleep? Dreams are nothing, dreams hurt. I dreamt of you… Continue reading Deluded Metaphor To You

Something Dark Chapter Two

Eva awoke at dawn, although she was hesitant in opening her eyes; she could feel Kai staring down at her. Thinking she was asleep, Kai kissed her softly on the forehead, and brushed back hair from her face. Safe under the pretence of sleep, Eva struggled in vain to hold back the smile that involuntarily… Continue reading Something Dark Chapter Two

Something Dark – Chapter One

“This has to stop.” Kai opened the door to his best friend Eva. She stumbled through the door, sobbing and hiccupping, blood dripping from the corners of her mouth. Her makeup was smudged and her startling green eyes clouded with tears and confusion, ringed with black, plagued with deep shadows. Ignoring Kai’s tall, imposing form,… Continue reading Something Dark – Chapter One


The trees were thick with summer haze, and the sunlight lay sleepily in the clear azure sky. The forest was suffocating, the enveloping shade smothering all that entered. Staying out in the sun would surely burn you, but entanglement in the strangling forest was unbearable. The outskirts of the forest were usually overpopulated at this… Continue reading Heat