Fallen upon all thats broken crying out loud to the Omen Bloody tears down the wall evil rising Hell has been brought Windy storms Lighting crashes Your unfaithful heart thrashes The devil in disguise Most unpromising suprise The sky turns gray it slowly rains Blood sheds, tears fall, hearts are gone, Your mind is lost… Continue reading Unfaithfulness


Now is lost Hopeless again when will people accept me for who i really am? My bloody tears crawl down my face searching for a place to rest in peace for now is lost, yesterdays gone, today is nothing tomorrow is something. What is this so called god?, angels sent to me? But im no… Continue reading Lost


I feel lonley and lost, No one could care, Does life have a cost?

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The silence you bring to me the things you dont say to me the words you kept held in what more is there to say except that nothing exist sad but true all I think about it you I dont know if i can believe what you say