Battles with Fate…&…Death

Reasons to live are so few, Thoughts of death aren’t new. Breathing on the uncovered blessings, Wither away with defeats in life’s citings. Brushed past are times of victory, All that’s left now is fate’s forgery. A twisted beam of hope enters soul, Drains life’s residues to an abyss & a hole. Defiant soul’s defeated… Continue reading Battles with Fate…&…Death

A Dream…Almost True

You’ll glance with your smiles, And I’ll wipe away in our midst, the miles. You’ll caress me with your visions, And I’ll have in mind solely your notions. You’ll shorten the long strides of my life, As your love will shield me from strife. You’ll embrace me & mould broken pieces, Make come true my… Continue reading A Dream…Almost True

A Vision & A Notion

You’re blind to visualize the inside of me, My withered outside has withered me to be, Nothing more than a selfless creation, Thriving in a clustered dead notion. Ruthlessly wounded the roads of life, Now I’m left to wither away with strife. My soul’s lost games with self & the world, Now I’m left without… Continue reading A Vision & A Notion

Angel…of My Dreams

As the soothing wind brushes by my world, Dreams of my angel spring to life in me, Sweetest memories won’t fade into my hold, Wondering how life with my angel would be. Long days and nights I dreamt of your vision, No words could spell what you mean to my life, Without your touch my… Continue reading Angel…of My Dreams

My Princess…

Feb, 2003 You’re the princess of all hearts, And you’ve no idea when it starts. You’re so much more than your outside, And tonight nothing but your thoughts’re inside. Your gracious soul has taken over, My heart and mind, and left no cover. Emotions inside are calling out your name, And tonight you’re my only… Continue reading My Princess…

Whispers From My…Soul

Thursday 15th May 2003 01:35:00 pm Sitting here all alone falling down, Thinking of my battered life, long gone. Wording heartfelt thoughts in haste, Tears trickling down my soul are all I taste. I’ve gone astray & craved for defeat, Now not even death will serve as retreat. Insane, down the memory lane I travel,… Continue reading Whispers From My…Soul